The Future of Digital Roles

Digital technology is the leading employment sector with almost 875,000 vacancies estimated for 2020, according to predictions made by the European Union. But what are these jobs, what positions have been created recently and what areas are expected to undergo most growth over the coming years?

What occupations exist in digital technology?

Occupations in Digital Technology can be divided into four sections depending on the different areas of expertise: Web/Mobile Development – Web Developer, Mobile Developer, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Web Architect, Mobile Architect, Webmaster, Web Project Manager, Web Designer, UX/UI Designer. Big Data & Cyber Security – Data Miner, Data Scientist and Chief Data Scientist. Business Development – Sales Manager, Account Manager, Business Engineer. Communication and Digital Marketing – Project Manager, Data & Web Researcher, Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Web Editor, Web Marketer. It’s very difficult to predict the occupations of the future, especially when it comes to Digital Technology, as between a third and 70 % of these occupations are still unknown due to developments in technology, digital technology and robotics. Nevertheless, there are a few major trends that can be observed. First of all, there’s will be few “ex nihilo” jobs created from scratch as the jobs of the future will depend more on the transformation and dilution of skills from existing occupations than the creation of completely new jobs.

What are the occupations of the future?

Over the next five years, the data management market (or Big Data) will see massive growth. Thanks to the development of the web, Data Management has become cheaper. An incredible purveyor of information, occupations in Digital Technology will require employees with distinctive profiles, who are gifted with a true know-how in mathematical modelling and scientific calculations. New occupations have already emerged in Data Management such as Data Scientists, who analyse and make forecasts with the help of algorithms, using data (Big Data) collected from multiple sources in order to facilitate decision making and provide create value for their company.

Between traditional occupations and innovation

It’s expected that other traditional marketing jobs will continue to “digitalise” as a result of technological progress. Current occupations in Digital Technology experiencing high growth are the jobs which come under the umbrella of cyber security. As Cyber attacks are on the rise and becoming increasingly complex, cyber security and cyber defense of I.T. systems are becoming a strategic priority for not only companies, but also state structures (administrations, institutions etc.). Cyber security occupations encompass the following: upstream security, analysing risks and threats, administration and upkeep of Information Systems, protection of Information Systems, cyber operations and digital investigation.

Occupations gaining ground

Another occupation becoming indispensable within companies and one which is expected to continue growing: Web Project Manager (in Communication and Marketing). Whether it be the form of a Traffic Manager, Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Manager or Brand Content Manager, these occupations share the strategic function of “Storyteller”, destined to give sense to the engagement of a company in it’s ecosystem, notably through dialogue with the consumer on social web. In the business development sector, Growth Hackers, often present in start-ups, use a combinations of the web marketing techniques in an optimal, coordinated and segmented way too quickly and significantly accelerate growth. If you would like to find out more about our latest jobs in Digital please go to our ‘latest jobs’ page and get in touch if you are looking for your next move.

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