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Talent International is successfully outperforming the month-on-month targets set for 2018 and is well on target to go beyond the business and financial goals set for the year as a whole...

We are already into the final quarter and I’ll bet I’m not alone in wondering where 2018 went. Everyone has their own definition of success and what it means to them, but by my own standards, I’d have to say that 2018 has been a successful year, both for Talent International and for me personally as I follow a path of growth, learning and development. 

Targets have been set and achieved, both for Talent International and for myself outside the business. It’s taken a lot of work in both areas, but I’ve discovered that work becomes effortless when you’re pursuing the dream that feeds your soul. Feed your dream and your dream feeds you. Bring love into all that you think, say, and do and it will happen for you.

I’ve had help and guidance along the way in the form of someone who’s become special to me and has shown me how to manifest my miracles – but I’ll speak more of that later.

So let’s just recap this year so far; Talent International was tasked with managing a recruitment campaign in the Asia-Pac region and points to the west of that region for a major client, finding candidates to fill roles in countries ranging from the Philippines to Japan to Singapore to India and the Middle East.  This challenging campaign took off in January and had us hitting the ground running; and while we had set ourselves stiff business and financial targets, we were able to successfully achieve them. Big thanks to Talent International’s dedicated team for staying calm and focussed from start to finish, seeing obstacles as opportunities and finding creative solutions when required. High level recruitment is not all plain sailing after all.

While the Asia-Pac campaign continued to keep us occupied at the top of our game, June found me in south London’s Tobacco Dock, attending what for me was the most important event of the year, CognitionX, and what an amazing event that was. More than five thousand attendees and over sixteen thousand viewers watching the live streaming feed. Everyone was buzzing, making new connections, re-connecting with old contacts – and massive credit has to go to Charlie Muirhead and Tabitha Goldstaub for putting the whole enterprise together and for the smooth operation throughout the two days. It was really enlightening to gain insights into the future of AI and to understand that this is not an entirely sterile, functional technology. The future is going to have a heart, and how positively encouraging is that?

The glow of contentment though can lead to self-satisfied stagnation when the continued achievement of reaching your goals demands progress, and late summer saw Talent International chosen to manage another major high-level recruitment campaign for another global giant, this time focussed on finding roles in Europe, and in particular in the Nordic region. Once again, the team at Talent International has proven itself to be up to the task and at the time of writing this article, Talent International is successfully outperforming the month-on-month targets set for 2018 and is well on target to go beyond the business and financial goals set for the year as a whole. That’s success in my book.

Outside the business arena, it’s harder to define success in the field of your own personal development, but – putting my ego aside – I am able to put my hand on my heart and say that I am happy with all that I have learned and experienced this past year. I’ve developed as a human being having a very human experience here in this lifetime, and have learned to establish a connection with my true self, my higher self. My Soul. And what I’ve learned during this journey of discovery, I’ve been able to apply to my personal life, and to my business life, with results that cannot be denied and are there for all to see. So what are the great secrets that I’ve learned? Nothing terribly secret really; that love provides the firmest foundation for success, fulfilment and Joy in all things. Yes, even in business.

That being mindful and bringing your presence to the present moment brings clarity to every situation so that you find yourself making the wisest choices; that patience, forgiveness, gratitude and compassion, when you apply them, are virtues that make you stronger, not weaker. I mentioned early in this article that I’ve had help, guidance and support throughout this year, and  Peter Lancett is a Super-Success facilitator with a spiritual dimension. Throughout the year Peter has worked – and continues to work – with me personally, one on one, and with the team at Talent international, teaching us how to master our thoughts, which can distract and mislead us; teaching us how to master our emotions so that they serve us rather than weaken us; teaching us the techniques to help us live and take action in the present moment.  In all, showing us how to manifest our miracles. Peter has been an integral and invaluable part of Talent International’s success so far in 2018 and I just wanted to take this opportunity to reach out with a big thank you to him. If you want to work with Peter to develop your business, I’m sure he won’t mind me giving his details here:

So as we race towards the year’s end, it’s worth taking a step back and recalling where you were when the year began compared to where you are now. For Talent International, I can look back and say with confidence that the year to date has been a success – by my definition. Probably by most people’s definition. I’ve had help from my great team, and I’ve had help from Super-Success coach Peter Lancett, and I’m happy to acknowledge that. After all, I am not an island – I love to work with people where the results of our efforts are greater than the sum of their parts. We are all one. And when things get complicated, here’s the one thing that you can count on to get your through: Love Conquers All.

SANDY KHARA Managing Director Talent International

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