Talent International is currently recruiting in Denmark for a major international tech company and we’re looking for ambitious, high level candidates to place in a number of roles including C-Level.

Digital-Tech is booming globally and key personnel are in great demand the world over. And if you’re an ambitious Digi-Tech professional working in Europe, then right now, Denmark is the place to be – and here’s why.

Denmark went to the top of the DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index) in 2016, making it the most digital country in the EU. Online is where most Danes do business, and where they go about their daily business, with 88% of Danes banking online, and 82% doing their shopping online.

Danish citizens are the most advanced Internet users in the EU, and Denmark is gradually implementing a digital-by-default strategy for the most frequently used public services, taking advantage of the high percentage of eGovernment users, which is the second highest in the EU. 71% of Danish Internet users return filled forms online to file to various public authorities.

Danes are among the most intensive users of video on demand and online shopping.

More than 82% of Danish internet users shop online and nearly half of them engage in cross-border shopping. Danes also read news online (69%), listen to music, watch films and play games online (57%), obtain video content using their broadband connections (78% of households use video on demand), use the Internet to communicate via voice or video calls (46%) or through social networks (67%).

Danish businesses make 15% of their turnover from online sales, which is the third best performance in the EU. And 25% of small and medium-sized companies in Denmark sell online and 9.8% sell online across borders.

Adoption by Danish businesses of electronic information sharing technologies is progressing fast. The adoption rates of eBusiness technologies such as eInvoices (59%) and Cloud services (27%) are among the highest in the EU.

All of this makes Denmark the ideal location for International Digital companies to develop and test new technologies – which is exactly what is happening.

Greater Copenhagen offers unique access to electronic databases and registries which foreign companies can use freely for research, test and development purposes.

Hitachi has opened its first mainland Europe big data research laboratory in Copenhagen and is building the world’s first city data exchange in Copenhagen.

Greater Copenhagen is a world leader in lighting and photonics research, with the Technical University of Denmark repeatedly breaking the world record in data transmission.

Greater Copenhagen’s ICT cluster includes the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab (DOLL), consisting of three laboratories: Quality Lab, Virtual Lab and Living Lab, which includes 9.2 km of road and pathways for testing lighting solutions. DOLL is open for foreign lighting firms to test new solutions.

Copenhagen won the World Smart Cities Award in 2014 for its Copenhagen Connecting Project, demonstrating the city’s Smart City leadership.

Greater Copenhagen has become a living test lab for Smart City solutions, owing to easy access to collaboration and partnerships with the public sector, industry and academia. Moreover, Denmark has a long tradition of citizen involvement in urban planning and development, and the Danes are early adopters of new technologies.

Those are amazing statistics and what this all means for Digital Professionals at all levels based in Denmark, is that demand is outstripping supply. In particular, there is great competition to recruit the best people into the top roles with leading international companies.

Talent International is currently recruiting in Denmark for one of the biggest international players in the technology space, and we have some juicy high level roles to fill. If you are an ambitious tech professional operating at the top of your game, give me a call and let’s talk. Denmark is definitely where it’s all happening in Europe, so don’t delay – the time take action is now. You must be currently based in Denmark for any of the roles.

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