Only Human…?

In an age where we’ve come to rely on technology and feel comforted by the certainty of its presence, perhaps we’ve forgotten what it actually means to be human. We’re only human, we say, when we want to excuse our failings and frailties – but I can’t help thinking that we devalue our humanity by attributing negativity to it in this way. ONLY human? To have a human experience on this beautiful earth is surely the reason we’re here.

Running a recruitment consultancy focussed on information technology, it’s often difficult to remember that each side of the recruitment triangle presents a very human face. The client. The candidate. The recruitment consultant. We’re all of us very much a human element within a technical process, and each of us a wonderfully unique human element at that. This is something I’ve learned to bring to mind in all of my business dealings with clients and candidates alike, and the rewards have turned out to be enriching – and I don’t mean just financially.

There’s a warmth that comes from forging human relationships with the people we do business with. Seeing them as human and elevating them from the status of mere “resources” in turn elevates the soul. And whatever we perceive the soul to be, it’s the soul that lies at the heart of our human experience. It’s the soul that lies at the heart of how we are feeling about our experience and ourselves at any given time. Do we want to feel cold and artificial, or would we rather feel the warmth that comes from relating positively to our fellow humans?

I had this awakening following a spiritual healing experience where I was liberated from the negative energies that had been holding me back for a long time. For years, as I see it. And once my soul had been freed from that negativity, I was once again able to flourish as my true-self – and more than that, I was able to relate to the true humanity of everyone I encountered. And my business has flourished as a consequence. Personally and professionally I have taken great strides forward by seeing the people I do business with as people just like me, and by learning to stand in their shoes, I find that I can serve them better. It’s a win-win for me. And I’d recommend it to everyone. At the very least, the world would become a kinder, gentler place if we all became winners. Don’t you think so? I think so – but then, I’m only human.

Sandy Khara, Managing Director, Talent International

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