Ice Ice Baby…

What a week it’s been here in the UK with the ‘Beast from the East’.

We’ve had huge disruptions all week with cancelled transport, train services and apparently according to news/ media platforms ‘we aren’t out of the woods yet and we aren’t even into next week with more pre-empting cancellations to travel services across the UK and people being advised to not leave their homes, and work from home etc. and to go to the supermarket to ‘stock up on essentials’.

Pictures in the media and news show poor commuters ‘battling’ through the storm, in some cases the Army have been drafted into perform emergency rescue operations…when you hear this, you picture people trawling through 5 feet of snow & blizzards to get to work…but in reality, we’re only talking about a few snowflakes here!

This advice hasn’t fallen on deaf ears this week, as some of our clients have even closed their offices in Central London and their employees were working from home all week, cancelled meetings etc is what we’ve had all week.This hasn’t been an excuse to go & get the sledge out, as we can’t just come to a halt…especially not in recruitment.

Other countries in Europe and the US seem to get through it just fine without meetings and travel services cancelled and huge chaos across their country. We don’t get snow that often in the UK, but why do we struggle so much when we do?

On that note we are off to enjoy the snow now that the weekend is here and we’re hoping next week will be a better one without so much disruption across the UK!

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