We’re seeking to fill digital and cloud space roles in Sweden. Scandinavia is definitely a happening place in the digital world right now.

Following our super-successful placement drive last month – and still ongoing – for a major client seeking to fill roles in Denmark, we’re now looking to place premier professionals with a FIVE-STAR CLIENT seeking to fill roles in Sweden.

So, what’s happening in Sweden? You already know that Facebook have placed their massive data centre in Sweden, the first outside the US, and Hydro66, a British operation also, have a large cloud space facility in Sweden providing data management and storage facilities within 50 milliseconds of 800 million people. The largest public cloud companies have chosen the Nordics for scale, and green energy at ultra-low cost. A cool climate and massive fibre backbones make Sweden the perfect choice for cloud infrastructure.

If we take a look at Sweden from the point of view of the technical support that makes high level implementation of cloud services such an attractive prospect, we find that SaaS (Software as a Service) start-ups are dominated by companies providing developer tools for IT infrastructure, collaboration – productivity, and marketing solutions, with start-ups growing in all other areas of high end support.

These are facts that make people sit up and take notice and it’s safe to say that right now, this is the kind of cyber/digital geography that is attracting cutting edge cloud space technology providers to Sweden, putting top-end digital and cloud space professionals in high demand. And Sweden is a great country to live in with clean spaces, cultured cities, more great outdoors than you can handle and public services and infrastructure that are second to none – and all within easy reach of mainland continental Europe. There’s even a road bridge linking Sweden with Denmark. But surely, we don’t have to sell Sweden to you.

What we are looking for are professionals at the top of their game who meet the following profiles:

- Hungry business development professionals currently working for global digital, technology & consultancy service providers.

- Senior Leadership people in the Digital Cloud Sales.

- Large Deals Strategic Sales People.

We’re looking to fill these roles ASAP – motivated candidates ready to start in Q1 2019, as early as January, and hit the ground running. For this reason, we’re looking for professionals already living and working in the region

Business Process Outsourcing Sales Leader – also for a Sweden-based client. For this role, the client wants someone to run their business outsourcing for them in the Nordics region, and the candidate can be based in any country in the Nordics region.

So if you’re currently based in the Nordics only and have the relevant experience please get in touch with us for a chat ASAP

Sandy Khara

Talent International

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