You don’t have to be a psychic to predict the future. Not always. Sometimes all you need to do is stop and take a look around. And right now, you can’t help but notice that Big Data and Big Data Analytics is riding the crest of the wave of IT growth trends.

Listening to people who have their fingers on the pulse, you hear figures that tell the story – an anticipated 25% growth in this area over the next 12 months, and that figure, which comes from market research specialists IDC, might well prove to be conservative.

We’re going to see things going mainstream – the Internet of Things – and people are going to want to stay connected at all times. How about fridges that can perform stock control in your home and even send an order to the supermarket for delivery? Samsung has already made this a reality.

Beyond that for business, advances in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Textual Analysis and Data Visualisation Tools, are evolving at a rapid pace and are going to revolutionise areas of business and marketing in ways that have previously only been a dream. New technology is providing fast analysis of trends and themes, even in written text where emotional sentiments can now be isolated and classified, the way that only structured data has been up to now.

For recruitment, as you might guess, this is going to pose a challenge, and again I didn’t have to look into my crystal ball to make that prediction. Around 4.4 million people are employed in this sector worldwide, but that figure is not nearly enough – especially when you consider that in the United States alone, 70% of businesses are already working with Big Data or are looking to integrate Big Data into their business models. The growth in the number of Educational institutions offering courses relating to Big Data creation, implementation and management tells its own story, but in the foreseeable future, supply is unlikely to match demand. Challenging times ahead for businesses looking to recruit Big Data specialists then, as I mentioned earlier, and no, there’s no need to cross my palm with silver. This one’s on the house.

If you’re looking for a change and you’re an expert in Big Data/IOT we are recruiting for our clients in London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Germany & Ireland so please get in touch.

Sandy Khara

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