Artificial Intelligence and 2018

Artificial Intelligence and 2018

The A.I. revolution is well underway, and while there’s going to be no stopping it, the effects on high-level I.T. professionals are not likely to be profound in the immediate short term. In fact, new opportunities are already presenting themselves in areas such as self-driving cars, biotechnology and so on. Savvy I.T. professionals are already starting to position themselves to be ready to step into areas of high demand as the A.I. revolution gathers pace. Demand for human managers of A.I. systems in all areas is likely to grow moving forward, and smart operators are already looking to develop the skills that will allow them to transition seamlessly into this brave new world. The short to medium term prognosis would seem to suggest that the A.I. revolution will likely provide new areas of opportunity for those who’ve positioned themselves ready to take advantage of them. But for now, there would seem to be no need for highly-skilled high-level professionals to be looking nervously over their shoulders.

Looking forward more generally to recruitment in 2018, I feel that there are some challenges ahead for recruiters, and companies are probably going to have to re-evaluate their current recruitment policies in order to attract quality candidates in the next twelve months. In particular, salaries and packages that have remained relatively static in 2017 are going to be subject to upwards pressure as companies compete to head-hunt the best talent in uncertain times. In particular, current conditions offer a “perfect storm” of opportunity for in-demand candidates, such as the best UX (user experience) designers and highly skilled and experienced programmers. A combination of low unemployment and increasing demand will see the very best professionals able to pick and choose.

Building relationships and networks is going to be critical for recruiters at all levels over the coming months. Being able to match the perfect candidate to the perfect role is going to demand from recruiters an access, not only to important sources of information, but the skill to sort the wheat from the chaff, and that’s where instinct and experience will still have a crucial role to play. And that’s something that A.I. can’t replicate – for the time being.

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Sandy Khara

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