All I want for Christmas is a UX job

As UX has become such a desirable career path for many, we asked our UX expert recruiters for their top tips on how to land your dream UX job.

UX (User-Experience) is probably one of the biggest buzzwords of 2017 in the digital industry. The idea of user experience has expanded well beyond the creative department of a company. It is now integral to most department’s visions; sales, marketing, product, tech etc. all need to consider the user experience and how it plays a part in their strategy. This has generated high demand around the world for UXers and subsequently more courses have sprung up to cater to the growing need for a company’s skills gap and the talent demand for a new career path.

Be a unicorn!

“My top tips for landing a UX job in Australia would be; a bloody good website showing extensive UX processes from research through to wireframing/prototyping – this is key. The number of portfolios and websites floating around the UX market you need something that really stands out. If you’re a unicorn and have skills in Research, UX, and UI, include this in your portfolio. Some people think that their background in print design isn’t relevant, but long as your portfolio is set up well, with pages to separate each skill, people love to see it – don’t be scared to show all of your skills!”

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