"Continue doing your beauty. Whether it be poetry, art, technology or sales whatever it is...continue your quest for beauty.This work we do we are passionate about. It’s our tribute to beauty.

 This work is our masterpiece."

- Sandy Khara, MD - Talent International



We know you haven’t got time to sift through applications, interview unsuitable candidates, nor can you stick rigidly to plans when the needs of your business change. We know your intense industry can change focus at a pace that many recruitment agencies struggle to keep up with. That’s why we have proven, time and time again that we can continue to step up to the challenge presented by these developing fields. 


Aiming for maximum flexibility and dynamism within the market mapping and research we conduct, we can flip focus whenever you require. As your partners and consultants, we strive to deliver only the highest calibre of candidates that fit your exact specifications. We will only provide you with unique candidates from our network that we built and sustained over our 15 years in the business. We won’t use internet database searches to source the talent you require, with the same candidates, in which you may have already reviewed. We regularly host candidate networking events, in London, Paris, Stockholm, Belgium and other European major cities. 


Working within exclusive networks, with candidates who aren’t even necessarily looking for their next career move, we present them with opportunities they just can’t turn down. Having built a closed network of the top 10% of the highest caliber of candidates within the technology sectors, we understand how to tap into their career expectations and demonstrate how they can achieve new levels of excellence within your company. 


With a constant presence at the most prestigious technology events and conferences, we will always deliver you a selection of best brains to choose from. What’s more, harnessing our years of experience and the resources we have exclusive access to, we can even advise you on closing the gender diversity gap, as we are very active with our women tech projects.


Workforce Solutions

Collaborative Workforce Solutions -

Expertly delivered, efficiently providing resource solutions to your projects with highly experienced teams. Here we offer a total workforce solution, where we support the acquisition of talent across your workforce; including perm and contract workers, emerging talent, executive talent, global and internal mobility. This is where delivery meets partnership. At Talent International we ensure you have a dedicated talent finding team secured. This offering responds quickly to changes within your business, filling individual roles as they emerge due to team expansion or staff departures.


Contract - We offer long and short term contracts. We have been helping IT contractors secure their next role for the last 12 years. Our mission to find the perfect contractor will always remain. Working with only a small network of candidates per role, we ensure, that the skills have been properly qualified against the clients' requirements. Technical references are taken in advance. Therefore this approach results in a very low interview-to-placement ratio per position, minimising the impact on everyone's time during the recruitment process. Time is a gift you can’t get back. Contracts can be prepared and distributed for approval within 15 minutes of instruction, enabling a very quick and convenient process. 

Executive Search

Executive Search - Experts in identifying senior leaders globally. We attract leaders across all industry sectors, consumer and retail, technology, finical services, media, and oil and energy.

We understand that digital transformation is playing out differently in various industries, and we're close to the issues that boards and CEOs care about in their respective markets. We bring in  experts to focus on the functions from digital board directors, chief digital offers, chief information security officers to chief analytics officers. We seek to understand each client's strategic goals and specific leadership roles. We understand what's needed to meet those goals and competency new execs need to embody. 

Permanent Hire 

Permanent Hire - We offer a contingency of recruitment solutions. We take a detailed specification of the position, allocate a marketing and advertising budget to attract candidates as well as utilising our extensive network to manage the process with you until the position is filled.  

Talent International’s project services are based on dedicated teams secured through compelling retained agreements. We have placed entire teams on major projects for retailers, banks, telecoms, government bodies as well as programme leads and interim CIOs for management consultancies tasked with large scale transformations. We understand the nuances associated with managing the stakeholders of an executive search and selection process.

 We have access to the talent who understand next-generation business models. We Have experience in finding specialized expertise across the emerging digital functions globally. 




Supercharge your business’ potential and build your talent pool by tapping into our exclusive, closed network of genius candidates. We handpick and head hunt from high-performing, emerging talent other agencies just cannot access. The elite candidates who know and trust Talent International simply aren’t available through online search or other, traditional recruitment methods. 

Let Talent International become your trusted recruitment advisors 


For the last 15 years, Talent International have been at the forefront of the recruitment industry, pioneering novel concepts and challenging the status quo. Technology is continually transforming the way companies source new expertise. Businesses demand dynamism and disruptive innovation from their recruiters - something we’re proud to be able to match and exceed.

We speak the global language of technology and know that, to invest in your business sustainability, you insist on progressive leadership from all your employees. To achieve this, we apply persistence, resilience, intelligence and mindfulness to your pursuit of excellence. 

Having worked with numerous clients in the top 10 of all global tech and consulting businesses, we have an incisive and profound understanding of the soaring demand for emerging, key competencies. From cyber security, threat and vulnerability management, right through to fintech, AI, cryptocurrency and blockchain, we lead the way in sourcing the finest candidates in these dynamic industries. 

Global search, international reach - locating elite talent 

For us, international isn’t just a buzz-word - it’s a recognition that talent transgresses both land and sea and comes from people, not nationality. We work in every continent, finding both permanent and contract staff within the USA, Europe, the Middle East, UK and Asia-Pacific. 

Encouraging a balanced mental state for a holistic-minded workplace 


Talent International believes, wholeheartedly, in the power of mindfulness. We employ the disciplines of yoga and meditation on a daily basis to help us reconnect body and mind. Mindfulness assists us in fostering team work, enhances our creativity and improves our communication, making our business more streamlined and better able to perform for both our clients and candidates. 



We are passionate about increasing female representation to complement and balance the current workforces within the tech and finance fields. We are committed to practising the initiative and strategy that we recommend to clients, by embracing diversity and inclusion at Talent International.

We have a number of innovative, disruptive projects coming up that women in technology can access. With some of our current ongoing initiatives, we feel we are perfectly placed to embrace, champion and develop female leadership expertise. Our pioneering campaigns are proving an inspiration and providing new discussion within the HR community. We love this exciting transformation. 


We are able to demonstrate the brilliant sprint of our female candidates, who we’ve worked with for many years. We are excited to collaborate on the gender diversity gap that some of them are facing. 



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